Finding world-class beer in your neighborhood is easy, fast, and accurate. Rather than using a standalone page this embedded Beer Finder data can now also be accessed by anyone. LaMonica Beverages partners with America’s preeminent beverage wholesalers that maintain exemplary portfolios of beer. By linking with each wholesaler’s database, we can provide location information on the selection of beer offered at most bars, restaurants, and beer stores in our area. Sales data is perpetually updated and is removed after 60 days, ensuring that you’re never relying on old information.

Rockford Area Beer Finder

To get to any product’s page, we recommend visiting our Product Catalog. Here, you can browse through hundreds of great beers available in your neighborhood by category, including brand, style, place of origin, package size, and more. You can also access product pages with the “Search” box in the upper right corner of this page.

Common Reasons for No Beer Finder Results

  • Beer Finder data is not yet available in a user’s geography
  • The beer a user is searching for is not carried by the local Great Brewers Member Wholesaler
  • Beer selected is a seasonal or limited release product
  • Bars, restaurants, or stores within 100 miles of a user have not ordered a selected product within the past 60 days
O’Fallon Brews
ShockTop Family
Elysian Brewing Co.
Church Street Brewing Co.
Urban Chestnut Brewing Company