LaMonica Beverages; Our Employees

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Michael LaMonica Jr. Chairman
Carly LaMonica: President
Darrell Snorek: Vice President of Sales
Ryan Scott: Director of Finance & Administration
Toby Rudsinski: Director of Operations
Jessie Fletcher: Director of Business Operations
MJ LaMonica: Warehouse Manager
Jamie Stephens: Merchandise Manager
Matthew Anderson: Key Account Manager
Dagmar Potter: Data Processing
Dana Bauerlein: HR/Administrative Generalist
Randy Green: Team Leader
Tracy Byrne: Team Leader
Roland Ingalls: Wine & Spirits Manager
Don Johnson: Wine & Spirits Consultant
Jesse Johnson: Account Manager
Austin Van Lankvelt: Account Manager
Ryan Pierson: Account Manager
Ian Wendt: Account Manager
Trent Emerson: Account Manager
Matt Milani: Account Manager
Max Marsili: Account Manager
Steve VanHorn: Craft Brand Manager
Todd Byrne: Non-Alcoholic Sales
Jeremy Lang: Category Space Manager
Kathy LaMonica: The Beer Gear Store