Handling Draught Beer

Draught beer is a perishable product and must be kept cold at all times so it doesn’t spoil or pour improperly. The ideal temperature is 36°–38°F, which can be achieved by adding ice if a refrigerator is not available.

Icing your Draught Beer
Approximately 50 pounds of ice are needed to maintain proper dispensing temperature. Since beer is drawn from the bottom of the barrel, approximately 20 pounds of ice must be placed on the bottom of the tub. Place the barrel in the tub on top of the ice. Add the remaining ice up the sides of the tub. Replace ice as needed.

Helpful Hint: If your keg does get warm, it is possible to chill it completely in just 30 minutes. First, place the barrel in your tub, surrounded by three bags of ice. Add water to the ice so that the surface of the keg is submerged as much as possible.

Tapping the Keg

1. Place tap into tap opening at the top of barrel.
2. Turn tap 1/4 turn clockwise until firmly in place.
3. If it is a lever-handled tap, pull handle out and press downward until it locks in place.
4. If it is a T-handled tap, turn handle clockwise until it locks into place.

Helpful Hints:

  • Keep the tap handle cold before tapping the barrel, beer foams more when it comes into contact with a warm surface.
  • Only pump when flow of beer begins to slow. If beer pours slowly, pump a few times.
  • It is possible to over-pump a keg. Too much air in the keg will result in overly foamy beer.
  • Once you’ve tapped your keg, you have about 24 hours before the beer goes flat.
  • Clean the tap after each use. To clean, invert tap and place it under warm, running water. Open beer faucet. Let water thoroughly rinse inside and outside of tap while simulating tapping and untapping action.

Now you’re ready to choose your glassware, pour the perfect draught beer, and enjoy!



A properly poured draught beer has a 1″ head of foam to release the natural carbonation. This allows the aromas to escape, resulting in a more flavorful, smooth-tasting, and less filling beer.

1. Start with a beer-ready, chilled (not frozen) glass. Tilt glass under the draught faucet at a 45° angle. Do not let the glass touch the faucet.
2. Grab the handle at the base. Open the draught faucet fully with a quick smooth motion. Do not let the draught faucet touch the beer.
3. Straighten the glass gradually as you pour, letting the beer agitate in the center of the glass.
4. Pour and serve with a 1” head of foam