In a Family Reunion 6 pack or 12 pack, you’ll also get their Bohemian Black Lager, Ryes and Shine, and Kosmos.

Shiner Bock: A smooth, German style lager. Easy to drink but with awesome hop flavor minus the bitterness (13 IBU). A perfect drink to go with grilling meat on a hot day. – 4.4% ABV –

Shiner Ruby Redbird: Shiner’s summer seasonal. This lager has a grapefruit aspect to it, but with some spice at the back end. Good crisp summer beer. Goes well with hanging by the pool. -4.2% ABV –

Shiner (Light) Blonde: Shiners Lo-Cal offering for those who want to watch their figure. Amazing taste for only 99 calories. Good hopiness, minimally bitter. – 4.2% ABV –

Shiner Hefeweizen: My personal favorite. German style unfiltered wheat beer. This brew has a good sweetness to it, as well as citrus hints throughout. Impressive German style wheat beer from the good old U S of A. – 5.6% ABV –