Church Street Brewing Co.


Church Street Brewing Co.

Church Street Brewing Company began when Joe Gregor’s son decided that his father needed a hobby and bought him some home brewing equipment. Joe, being a chemical engineer, enjoyed brewing beer so much, and became so good at it, that he began to research starting his own brewery. After several years of research, hard work, and considering various locations, Church Street found its home in Itasca, Illinois in February of 2012. Equipment arrived in June & July and Church Street became a reality! Church Street’s Brewhouse is a 30-Barrel system designed with traditional German brewing practices in mind. Utilizing kettle mash-in techniques with the ability to perform decoction mashing, the brewery is capable of mimicking common German brewing procedures. The brewery was designed to be efficient and to care for the environment.


Heavenly Helles

is one of Germany’s quintessential beverages, now in Chicago land. Utilizing old world decoction mashing techniques for a truly unique sweet malt character, this gentle drink also features a straw colored-clarity that’s clearly heavenly!
ABV 5.4%
IBU 20
Ratings BeerAdvocate 83

Brimstone IPA

Church Street is proud to present their take on the American IPA with this dry-hopped West Coast IPA that’s brimming with Cascade aroma, giving this tangerine-beauty a fruity and refreshing nose – don’t be surprised if you find yourself sniffing more than sipping! A bold bitterness is rounded out by notes of citrus and grapefruit and a slightly dry hoppy finish. Cheers!
ABV 6.8%
IBU 80

Fire IPA

American Zythos and New Zealand Motueka hops come together in this massively fruity IPA featuring tropical citrus and mango flavors. A touch of rye provides for a hint of sweetness allowing for a pleasantly bitter back end. Fire is dry-hopped to ensure a pleasant fruity aroma.
ABV 6.2%
IBU 66

Continental Lager

Smooth and drinkable, yet malty and complex with a noble hop kick. Church Street’s Continental Lager marries four German malts with three German hop varieties to create our quintessential pilsner. Notes of biscuit and grassy/floral hops make this a great beer to kick back with anytime. Enjoy!
ABV 5.3%
IBU 39