Maplewood Brew

Maplewood Brew

Maplewood is Illinois’ first combination craft brewery and distillery located under a single roof, producing handmade beer and spirits in Chicago’s Logan Square. Be Fluid.

Charlatan American Pale Ale

Fresh Cut Citrus. Aromatic. Clean. Generously hopped with Simcoe, Citra, and Centennial, you might catch the Charlatan putting forth fresh citrus and tropical flavors (mango, passion fruit, grapefruit). You might also pick up some earthy pine notes. The Charlatan’s low co-humulone Warrior hops provide a smooth bitterness that balances its round malt backbone.
ABV 6.1%
IBU 35
2016 GABF American Pale Ale Medal Winner!

Double Charlatan Double IPA

Take all that you love about our GABF medaling Charlatan APA, and double it. Double the goodness, double dry-hopped for everyone’s pleasure.
ABV 8.0%
IBU 60

Juice Pants IPA

Juice Pants is a healthily hopped, Juicy IPA with a soft bitterness, and rich mouthfeel. The hops used change with each batch…so no batch is exactly the same! Juice Pants is a limited release brewed periodically in small batches, so put your Juice Pants on, it’s going to be a Juicy ride! Available in 22oz bottles, 1/2BBL, and 1/6BBL by allocation only.
ABV 7.0%

Son of Juice IPA

Juicy. Juicy. Son of Juice. Son of Juice is truly his father’s child. A hazy IPA dripping with fruit juice notes. Pilsner malt and oats make a perfect canvas for loads of mosaic, simcoe and nugget hops. Available in 22oz bottles, 1/2BBL and 1/6BBL kegs.
ABV 6.3%

Husky Pants Double IPA

LIMITED RELEASE – Our big fat double IPA is packed tight with hops….so much so that we had to buy him special pants from the husky section of the store. The big brother to Juice Pants pours hazy and has huge notes of tropical fruit with some of dankness. You’re going to have to work up a husky thirst for this big ol’ boy.
ABV 9.0%

Pulaski Pils

Balanced. Rich Grain. Floral Finish. Chicago celebrates the life of Casimar Pulaski and so do we! This Chicago-style Pils was brewed with Pilsner and Vienna malt which results in a rich, malty flavor. We add Santiam hops which possess both European and American lineage for floral notes and a bit of spice. Together these ingredients create an exceedingly drinkable and balanced pilsner, properly lagered for your pleasure.
ABV 5.1%
IBU 25

Fat Pug Oatmeal Milk Stout

Roasty. Dark Chocolate. Smooth. Otto, pictured on the front of the label, is a fat pug. But, being the runt of the litter, Otto is also a stout pug…measuring in at a cool 1’1”. Brewed in Otto’s honor, Fat Pug Oatmeal Milk Stout is a full flavored stout that remains extremely drinkable. A variety of roasted grains (pale chocolate, roast barley, and dehusked roasted malt) combine to produce a complex and smooth roasted flavor. Having notes of dark chocolate and coffee, Fat Pug Milk Stout is rounded out by milk sugar (Lactose) and flaked oats.
ABV 5.9%
IBU 26

Crushinator Session IPA

Hoppy. Tropical Citrus. Sessionable. Have one, have many, Crushinator was meant to be crushed. This Session IPA uses a Vienna malt base and flaked maize to create great body and depth in a low ABV beer. The hops and yeast provide loads of tropical citrus and peach, with a hint of earthy spice. Available in 16oz cans, 1/2BBL and 1/6BBL kegs.
ABV 4.5%
IBU 32

Brownie Points Brown Ale With Vanilla

Full of malty chocolate and toffee flavors, this beer drinks easy and finishes bold yet crisp. Oats are used to lend a creamy body and mouthfeel.
ABV 5.7%
IBU 25