Generations Brewing Company

LaMonica Beverages is the partner distributor to Generations Brewing Company, out of Freeport, Illinois. Much like LaMonica Beverages, Generation’s is a family-owned, family-operated brewing company with a sentiment, “Like Father, Like Son, Like None…” The 8,400 sq. ft. brewing facility and Taproom are state of the art. Generations beers range from crisp and refreshing to hoppy and bold. There is a long list of ingredients used to create their unique recipes. Generations can be seen locally in festivals such as Screw City Beer Festival in Rockford, and the Pretzel City Brewfest in Freeport. Be sure to stop at your favorite spot and ask for a Generations brew!

On Draught

Pretzel City Amber – American Amber Ale – 5.1% abv, 30 ibu

Craft brewing is all about celebrating tradition and heritage, and getting to have fun while doing so. The amber ale is loaded up with melanoidin and caramel malts. They actually throw locally made pretzels right into the mash tun!

No Promises Pale Ale – Extra Pale Ale – 5.9% abv, 63 ibu

Get ready to take an adventure and explore the world of Humulus Lupulus, Hops. Expect the unexpected, every batch of No Promises will be hopped with several different hop varieties every time they make it!

Wintergreen IPA – India Pale Ale – 7.4% abv, 81 ibu

IPA will always be a poplar style. This new batch includes a touch od winter as real spruce tips were included in the boil. Ridiculous amounts of Citra and Simcoe hops express themselves in an extremely pungent aroma with a beautifully balanced malt background. But honestly, some beers just speak for themselves.

5 Blend (Seasonal) – Belgian Rye Saison – 7.0% abv, 18 ibu

A traditionally seasonal ale delicious enough to brew all year long. This Franco – Belgian style beer is fermented unusually warm to produce endless amounts of flavor including pineapple, bubblegum, and white peppercorn. A blend of five different yeast strains and a large addition of rye malt leaves this beer spicy, and higher in alcohol.