Sponsorship Opportunities

All requests can be submitted through the online form below.
Email or Fax to: 815.282.3737
Attn: Marketing Department

Requests should always have the who, what, when, where, how many people, what you are asking for us to consider, contact information and the marketing benefits we will receive. A few things we look for when selecting events and sponsorship opportunities:

  • Timing: A minimum of 30 days prior to your event
  • Branding: It’s important that your event allows us to showcase what we are all about.
  • Participation: If you are pitching an event without any marketing benefits to us we will generally pass
  • Location: Is your event in our territory?
  • Event Demographic: Is your event geared towards adults over 21? Being in the alcohol business, we cannot support events whose focus or attendees are under the legal drinking age.
  • We do not fund teams/individual athletes or bands.
  • If your event fulfills the above criteria, please fill out and submit
    the form below:

Contact Information:

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Event Info:

Event Name*:
Event Date & Time:
Address 2:
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Have We Helped You With This Event In The Past? yesno
If Yes, How Have We Helped?

Will you be selling beer at this event? yesno
Is there a 501c.3 charity involved with your event? yesno

If yes, what is the name of the 501c.3?

Event Description:

What Is The General Demographic (Age, Gender, Etc.):

What are you Asking for? (Donation, Sponsorship etc):

Please Explain any Marketing Materials LaMonica Beverages, Inc. would be included in:

What Type Of Media Will You Be Using To Promote Your Event?
RadioPrintOutdoor BillboardsTVOnlineSocial MediaNone

Will You Be Selling/Providing Any Other Beverages?
Another Brand of BeerLiquorWineNon-AlcoholicNone

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